Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful Silk For Spring

model: Julienn Sands

I will be the first to admit it - when I learned that SecondLife was going to begin allowing mesh on the grid, I groaned... loudly. I envisioned the worst. And I am very happy to say the imaginings I had in my head are not *quite* what the reality of mesh in this virtual environment is.

Now we have fitted mesh for clothing. So far I am loving this stuff! You don't need to wear an alpha layer with it unless you wish to, because the mesh molds itself - as well as it can - to your avatar. It's not perfect, of course, but I love it.

A couple weeks ago, Soedara came out with Berhawa-nafsu with both fitted and sized mesh. As soon as I logged in I was traveling over there! As usual, her offerings come in many color groups (I'm wearing {Playful} in this photo), and there is a HUD for material color changes and a HUD for different bead colors and patterns. You can even adjust the opacity of the silk! It comes with the belt, as seen here, as well as a circlet (with and without pearls), upper thigh rings, a collar (scripted and unscripted), and upper arm bracelets. This is so airy and feminine, from the lightest pastels to its deepest jewel colors, any slave is bound to add to the pleasure of the men she serves while wearing this lovely outfit. Just beware - you might not have it on for long!

Skin - EyeCandi
Shape - Custom
Eyes - Ooh-la-licious
Hair - Truth
Jewelry - Zaara
Hands & Feet - Slink
Location: Goatswood

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aprons for the Hard-Working Slave

Model: Julienn Sands
::AME:: Aprons

"My Jarl? Did you want some smashed suls with that?"
I love aprons. In any world, I just love aprons. When wrapped around the curves of a  woman they can just exude femininity - just look at some of the ads and movies from Mid-Century!
So when I found APRONS from ::A Master's Eye:: my squeal of delight was probably heard all over the grid. What a perfect little outfit for slaving away in front of the cookfire and over the pots and pans, creating a gastronomic delight (we hope...) for a master or mistress! It protects tender bits from flying sparks and steaming splashes while the strings tie neatly in the back, accenting a shapely bared rear. As we were coming up on St. Patrick's Day, I HAD to don the green apron, with "Master's Li'l Chef" across the front.
This is one of those must-haves that are happily stashed in my inventory, to be pulled out to be amusing and flirtatious and as a nice little twist to somewhat routine RP. I LOVE it. And a bonus - it comes with a flour-dusted "I've already been working!" version as well as a clean "just arriving in the kitchens" version, all the standard mesh sizes plus an alpha, and five colors to choose from: blue, brown, green (pictured), natural off-white, and red. You can also choose from different sayings on the front of the apron: Fur the cook!, Jarl's Lil Chef, Master's Li'l Chef, Mistress' Li'l Chef, and a plain one. And to top it off, it comes with a towel to sling over your shoulder - perfect for drying a glistening brow.
Pose: EverGlow
Skin - -Belleza-
Shape - Custom
Eyes - ViGo
Hair - Truth
Hair Flowers - Caverna Obscura
Jewelry - Zaara
Hands & Feet - Slink
Location: POST

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paintin' SL Purple!

Model: Catalina Staheli

A Dheoin from ::AME::

So a week ago, I went and sat in on a dance class at Port Haifa. Curled up beside the snuggly Juls (Julienn Sands) who is an amazing girlie, dancer, artist, writer, and all around awesome chica. And I look over and purrr. Cuz I absolutely love what she's wearing. It just looks perfect for a slave girl that works for a living. You know, the ones who get off their plump ass and the silken cushions and actually do stuff. Like....serve the Free?
Anyways, I usually try and do the sneak peek to figure out where an outfit's from, but this was a toughie! But I loved it so much, I broke down and said ok, where'd you get that from. And not only did Juls tell me, she took me there! And I walked away with *coughs* a bag or three of new goodies.
Now, this past week has been a whirlwind of awesomeness in helping to get this year's Relay for Life started. I'm a full blown supporter! Been saving up all year, setting aside 10% of everything I've made from my photography, dance contests, anything and everything. Once the word reached me that everything was being set up and my photography was gonna be asked for again, I raced to my Mistress and woot woot! Permission granted. And I've been on cloud nine ever since.
Annnnnnd then I find out that this awesome store is one of several to grace the promenade of the Goreans Relay for Life (GRFL) Kick Off sim. Annnnnd then I find out this week is Paint SL Purple Week! Now, while I'd have to say that bluuuue is just an absolutely marvelous color, one I highly recommend belongs in every closet, purple's not too shabby either! And so I dig in my closet and of course comes out the bright purple hair. I'd like to say I went and bought this especially for the event. I would. I reaaaaallly would. But truth is I've had it tucked away with all of the other wild and crazy colors they sell in one nifty package. Because, well, we all have those days where you just need a little wild and crazy.
And so with the purple hair, I had to find the purple outfit. And after realizing that blue just wasn't purple *sad tear*, I scampered along the promenade and found the A Master's Eye was one of the stores representing!! Woot woot! Skipped inside and while they obviously have good taste because there were several blues to choose from, I found this gorgeous little tunic I had seen Juls wear last week but in purple!
Add in a few accessories, armwarmers and leggings mixed from the Odisea outfit from Luas, this and that, all listed below, and you have the Kami package for Paintin' SL Purple!
Geaux RFL!
Pose: Diesel Works
Skin - LAQ
Shape - Custom (IM Catalina Staheli for details!)
Eyes - Amacci
Hair - CaTwA
Armwarmers and Legwarmers: Luas
Jewelry - Soedara and Vigo's Creations
Glasses - Primo
Hands - Slink
Location: Lake Ias

Saturday, January 4, 2014

For Fantasy's Sake, check out Frosti!

Model: Catalina Staheli

*FFS*'s Frosti in Cinnamon about your after holiday specials. Snow's still on the ground and what better way to bounce around than showing just how hot Frosty's friends can be. A gorgeous outfit, *FFS* has come up with the jauntiest affair and everything you see here is included, from luxuriously fur-lined boots to a jaunty hat, you'll be sure to impress. 

I particularly like the little details they put into this outfit. The plaid accent you find on the shoes and hat match the gloves and scarf. It's the little things like that which really make me smile. You can find this delectable outfit in Holly, Coal, Icicle, Cinammon (show above), and Candy Cane. Perfect names to match this adorable outfit and just because Christmas is past doesn't mean you can't enjoy bouncing around in this until the snow melts and Frosty and friends disappear until next year.


A Tempting Treat from Deviance!

Model: Catalina Staheli

Deviance's Enchantress Silks

Deviance is a hidden gem I am excited to bring forward, showcasing a few sets of their absolutely gorgeous silks. This is the first set I tried on and absolutely loved. The beadwork and wrapping around the waist really accentuate a favorite part of my body and as you can see, I took a picture while dancing and they flow beautifully as I shimmied and danced all over. Beaded accents slide over your hips, holding the flowing silk in place, teasingly draped about to tantalize a Master's senses with each sway of your hips as you walk. 

The top is nice, fitted to your body as a clothing layer, a lovely corset that holds the girlies up and as one of the perks of not being mesh, I didn't have to squish and downsize what Odin gifted me with. *winks* 

The outfit also comes with a gorgeous staff and high collared cloak. But as a Gorean dancer, both were put to the side. You can also find this scrumptious beaded silk comes both plain and with little skulls decorating it for those with a more adventurous spirt. *grins* And as if all of this isn't enough, Deviance goes a step further and offers a customized shape that fits the silks perfectly. 

The Enchantress is just one of several types of silks you can find in Deviance and all are just a tantalizing treat. This particular design comes in 4 gorgeous colors, from Cream (showcased above), to Crimson, Byzantium, and Scarlet. You can find these and other of Deviance's amazing creation both inworld at her store and on the marketplace. 


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soedara's Charming Chalwar!

Model: Catalina Staheli

Soedara's Gayat al-Muna

Ok, so for those who may or may not know, my Mistress loves chalwars. Which works great because I love chalwars. Them and kirtles and you have my two favorite things to wear in all of Gor. And what a chalwar! Soedara is known as being one of the leading designers in Gor and she definitely deserves the title!

This chalwar is available in a rainbow of colors and just takes elegance up to a new level for the girl seeking that great arabian look. Whether you're playing in KoS or in the Tahari, this is just a fantastic outfit to have in your closet. Taking a look, you'll see the exquisite detail Soedara is known for. Whether you wear just the vest and pants or go full out until you're dripping with gold and jewels, you can literally have the Gayat al-Muna for any occasion.

Now the top is mesh, so you're gonna have to tweak the girlies until they fit within, but then again, could go without the top and still look fantastic! For those who want a bit a variety, Soedara delivers! The top comes in opaque, teasing, and slutty. Which of course just continues the trend of being perfect for any occasion, serving anyone from a Free Woman, all demure and lovely kneeling beside her or wiggling about in a cafe for the Masters with top sheer, showing ripe breasts for their pleasure.

I definitely recommend checking out this outfit and Soedara's other amazing designs. You can find them at her store inworld as well as on the marketplace. Enjoy!


Skin - Belleza
Shape - Custom
Lashes - MIAMIA
Eyes - Amacci
Hands - Slink
Glasses - primOptic
Pose - Sweet Poison
Location - Kingdom of Sand

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Velvet Whip Strikes Again with Fantastic Fashion!

Model :Catalina Staheli

 Velvet Whip's Costantia

For anyone who's been following along as we go through the latest and greatest, you'll have seen quite a few of Velvet Whip's amazing outfits. They came out of nowhere and now are one of the top designers of Gorean fashion in Second Life. I absolutely relish seeing the new designs for both Free and slave, northern and southern. And here we have two new ones that are no exception!

Above is the new Costantia gown, a perfect outfit for Free Women that are looking for that classic elegance. Beautifully done bodice with a ruffled bottom, this is actually a two piece set with the top and bottom which can be worn separately. It come in four beautiful colors, though of course, I had to go with the bluuuuue! Others you can choose from are Green, Red, and Cream, and each is just stunning. 

Velvet Whip's Winter Suede Coat

Model: Catalina Staheli
And then here, you'll see a gorgeous winter suede coat that is perfect for in or out of Gor. It has a beautiful stitching all throughout the main coat and a plush fur ruff around the neck and cuffs, with lovely golden buttons down the front. It is 100% mesh and can be worn with other outfits, no matter if they are mesh or prim. A word to the wise, you want to wear the coat at a size larger than the outfit beneath it. That way everything blends together. You can actually purchase the coat as a trio set, getting grey, brown, and beige in the first set. The second set comes with Wine, Dark brown, and Moss. I'm wearing the Brown below and I do believe I've found my favorite winter coat.

You can find both the gown and the coat at Velvet Whip inworld or on the marketplace, along with other amazing outfits. I hope you enjoy!